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Analyses, Inspection, Diagnose

What We Do


We analyse you concentrator at your premisses.
  1. Oxygen Percentage Delivered
  2. Oxygen Pressure
  3. Oxygen Flow Rate per minute
  4. Operating & Output Temperatur

The Analyses is done




Before a concentrator is serviced or repaired an inspection is carried out. All pipes, wiring, fittings and connectors are checked and where neccesary replaced.


Problems and failures are diagnosed and repaired according to the manufacturers service manual and standards. 




To ensure the proper functioning of your Oxygen Concentrator 

it needs to be serviced at regular intervals


Dirty and clogged filters will result in poor

oxygen quality and reduced flow


During a service the following is taken care of:-


  • All Filters are replaced
  • The Intake Muffler is cleaned or replaced
  • The Outlet Muffler is cleaned or replaced
  • A pressure test is done on the compressor to ensure that it functions according to manufacturers standards
  • The Flow Meter and Pressure Regulator is calibrated to ensure that oxygen is delivered at the required rate
  • The Oxygen Concentrator is cleaned and sanitised inside and outside



Repairs are done on all Makes & Models

Old & New

Contnious Flow & Pulse Delivery

Home Therapy & Portable